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hydraulic rubber hose materia of natural rubber

Natural rubber is made from natural rubber plant rubber. Commercially available natural rubber is produced primarily from latex of the trilobata tree. Natural rubber is a polyprenylate as the main component of the natural polymer compounds, the formula is (C5H8) n, the composition of 91% to 94% of rubber hydrocarbons (polyisoprene), the rest of the protein , Fatty acids, ash, sugar and other non-rubber substances.

Natural attributes

1. Physical properties. Natural rubber at room temperature with high elasticity, slightly plastic, has a very good mechanical strength, hysteresis loss is small, in a number of deformation heat is low, so its resistance to flexion is also very good, and because it is non-polar Rubber, so the electrical insulation performance is good.

2. Chemical properties. Because there are unsaturated double bonds, so natural rubber is a strong chemical reaction of the material, light, heat, ozone, radiation, flexural deformation and copper, manganese and other metals can promote the aging of rubber, aging is natural Achilles heel of rubber, however, added the antioxidant natural rubber, sometimes in the sun exposure two months still do not see much change in the warehouse after three years of storage can still be used as usual.

3. Resistance to dielectric properties. Natural rubber has good alkali resistance, but not strong acid. Since the natural rubber is non-polar rubber can only resist some polar solvents, and in the non-polar solvent is swelling, therefore, its oil resistance and solvent resistance is poor, in general, hydrocarbons, halogenated hydrocarbons, Ether, higher ketones and higher fatty acids have the dissolution of natural rubber, but its solubility is affected by the degree of plastic refining, and lower ketones, esters and alcohols on natural rubber is a non-solvent

Our hydraulic rubber hose makes full use of the properties of natural rubber according to its application.

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