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hydraulic hose of material NBR (二)

 NBR has excellent oil resistance. Butadiene dilute monomer can be copolymerized into cis, trans and 1,2-Bromo-based three different chain structure. The trans form of the typical NBR structure accounts for about 78%. Because NBR molecular chain structure contains cyano, oil resistance (such as mineral oil, liquid fuel, animal and vegetable oils and solvents) is superior to natural rubber, neoprene and styrene-butadiene rubber. Compared with other rubber, NBR has a wider range of operating temperature, its long-term use temperature of 120oC, while NBR has good low temperature performance, the lowest glass transition temperature of up to -55oC.

NBR has good chemical stability and good processability. With the increase of its relative density, the vulcanization speed is accelerated and the tensile strength performance is improved, but the rebound resilience is decreased and the cold resistance is deteriorated. Since the cyano groups in NBR are susceptible to electric field polarization, the dielectric properties are deteriorated, and they are semiconductor rubbers. NBR can be divided into high, high, medium, high, medium and low acrylonitrile five categories according to the content of ACN.

Production methods of continuous and batch polymerization of two. Continuous polymerization is usually used for the production of small varieties and large production, low consumption. Intermittent polymerization method for multi-species and small batch production, the use of a small number of polymerization signed, high construction consumption. So far, do not see the trend of mutual substitution.

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